Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Mystery inscription at Gath

THE TELL ES-SAFI/GATH ARCHAEOLOGICAL PROJECT BLOG: INSCRIPTION!!! That's right. A new inscription was discovered Gath last month. So far details are scarce.

This post does say that "it is quite similar, in its general characteristics, to the “ALWT/WLT” inscription that we published about a decade ago." There is a link that I can't get to work. But I did have a post about that inscription when it was found back in 2005.

There was a mixup at first that led the media to conclude that it bore the name of the biblical giant "Goliath," who was from Gath. But it actually had two names that are structurally similar to Goliath, but which are not that exact name. Deane Galbraith gives a chronicle of the misunderstanding here.

Beyond that, we are told that the new one is a nice little inscription and another post refers to the very interesting inscription found in that area. I will keep an eye out for more news.

HT the Bible Places Blog.

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