Friday, September 15, 2017

Review of Kurshan, If All the Seas Were Ink

TALMUD WATCH: Memoir Provides Engaging Look at Talmudic Text (Marissa Stern, The Jewish Exponent).
If All the Seas Were Ink

Ilana Kurshan

$26.99, hardcover

St. Martin’s Press

Can you imagine what you’ll be doing seven-and-a- half years from now?

When Ilana Kurshan was coming off of a painful divorce, living in Jerusalem — she’d moved there from New York with her then-husband — a friend suggested she take up daf yomi, a practice in which you read one page of Babylonian Talmud a day.

PaleoJudaica and its readers have been following Adam Kirsch's column on the Daf Yomi cycle for the last five years.

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