Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Hannibal pen series

PUNIC WATCH: Montblanc pays homage to Hannibal with diamond-topped artistry. The art of writing has never been so luxurious (Winnie Chung, South China Morning Post).
Unveiled at an exclusive invitation-only event in Singapore for less than 200 worldwide VIPs and media (of which STYLE was one), Montblanc’s High Artistry Homage to Hannibal Barca Limited Edition is inspired by the tale of a genius Punic military commander from Carthage, named Hannibal Barca (247 – between 183 and 182 BC), who fought his way over the Pyrenees on elephants from Spain and scored three dramatic victories in Italy.

The Hannibal collection displays several outstanding techniques from stone cutting and setting, to granulation lacquering and cutting-edge technology such the use of an ultraviolet laser. Each of the editions features a cap top in the shape of an elephant with a clip shaped like the animal’s trunk. In reference to his military exploits, many details evoke the military armour worn by the Punic army, in the form of delicate engravings on the cone ring to ancient drawings to Punic armour design engraved on the nib.
The top one in the series, the High Artistry Homage to Hannibal Barca Limited Edition 1, sells for 1.5 million Euros.

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