Monday, October 02, 2017

Ancient Jewish settlement found near Samaria

ARCHAEOLOGY: Lost First-Temple Jewish City Discovered Under IDF Training Base (JNi.Media).
A few weeks ago, the staff of the Archeology Department of the IDF Civil Administration arrived at the area of a now abandoned training base, next door to the town of Beit El in Samaria, and, digging under the old parade grounds, they were astonished to discover a hidden Jewish city, Yedioth Aharonot reported Thursday.

The dig revealed a Jewish settlement of several dozen residents, dating back to the First Temple period. It was later inhabited during the Persian period and expanded in the Hellenistic and Hasmonean periods, remaining in Jewish hands until the Roman era.

This sounds more like a village than a "city." But it's an important discovery nonetheless. It seems that the only report so far is from an Israeli newspaper, so I look forward to hearing more specifics more directly from the archaeologists.

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