Friday, October 27, 2017

Bauckham (ed.), Magdala, Jewish City of Fish

RICHARD BAUCKHAM has kindly sent me details of his forthcoming book, which I mentioned recently. For other past posts on Magdala, start there and follow the links.

Edited by Richard Bauckham
Baylor University Press, autumn 2018


Chapter 1 Magdala As We Now Know It: An Overview

Richard Bauckham

Chapter 2 The Harbour
Anna Lena

Chapter 3 Domestic and Mercantile Areas
Marcela Zapata-Meza

Chapter 4 The Domestic Miqva’ot
Ronny Reich and Marcela Zapata-Meza

Chapter 5 The Synagogue
Mordechai Aviam

Chapter 6 The Synagogue Stone
Mordecai Aviam and Richard Bauckham

Chapter 7 Magdala and Trade

Santiago Guijarro

Chapter 8 Magdala and the Fishing Industry
Richard Bauckham

Chapter 9 Magdala and the Jewish Revolt
Morten Hørning Jensen

Chapter 10 Magdala in the List of the Twenty-Four Priestly Settlements
Richard Bauckham

Chapter 11 Magdala in Rabbinic Literature
Richard Bauckham

Chapter 12 The Prosopography
Richard Bauckham

Magdala Bibliography

Comprehensive Bibliography

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