Monday, October 30, 2017

Honor Frost

ARCHAEOLOGICAL PIONEER: Honor Frost: a legacy in the field of underwater archaeology (Fabian Mangion, Times of Malta).
Honor Frost’s death on September 12, 2010, brought an end to an era. She represented the heroic period of aqualung diving and was the first person to marry it to archaeology – a double pioneer. She was also the first to promote underwater archaeology as a serious discipline and to introduce it to the world.

Frost saw aqualung-diving and the archaeological method as a necessary balance and was fond of quoting “si le plongeur savait – si l’archeologue pouvait…” (if the diver knew – if the archaeologist could) and in herself combined the two in style.

She did underwater archaeology in many places, including Tyre and Sidon. She excavated a Punic shipwreck off the coast of Sicily. She also worked with Kathleen Kenyon at the ground excavation at Jericho. Saturday was the centenary of her birth.

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