Friday, November 10, 2017

Schäfer, Jesus im Talmud (3rd ed.)

Jesus im Talmud
Übers. a.d. Englischen v. Barbara Schäfer

[Jesus in the Talmud. 3rd revised edition.]
3rd revised and corrected edition 2017. XXI, 320 pages.

29,00 €
sewn paper
ISBN 978-3-16-155531-2

Published in German.
This is a thorough investigation of the passages about Jesus in the rabbinic literature, mainly in the Babylonian Talmud. In his lucid and accessible book, Peter Schäfer examines how the rabbis read and used the New Testament to assert Judaism's superiority over Christianity. The Talmudic texts focus on the virgin birth of Jesus, his behavior as a bad and frivolous disciple, his teachings, the healing capacities Jesus and his disciples possessed, the execution of Jesus and his disciples, and finally his punishment forever in hell. The center of this critique of Jesus and his fate was Babylonia under Sassanian rule, quite in contrast to Palestinian Judaism, which was increasingly threatened by the dominant power of Christianity.
I noted the publication of the original English edition here and here.

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