Sunday, February 11, 2018

What did Jesus ...?

PROFESSOR JOAN TAYLOR has published a couple of popular articles to publicize her new book, What did Jesus Look Like (Bloomsbury/T&T Clark), which came out last week:

What did Jesus really look like, as a Jew in 1st-century Judaea? We don’t notice the Gospels’ failure to describe Jesus because we ‘know’ what he looked like thanks to all the images we have. But how accurate is that depiction? (Irish Times)
With a close reading of the Gospels, it turns out that Jesus’s appearance coheres perfectly with his teaching. In advocating his disciples give away all but their essentials to the needy (Matt. 19:20-22), he practised what he preached. I wonder if we would recognise him, as he really looked, if we met him on the way.
What did Jesus wear? (The Conversation)

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