Thursday, March 29, 2018

Coins from Great Revolt excavated in Jerusalem

EXCAVATION NUMISMATICS: COINS FROM DESTRUCTION OF SECOND TEMPLE FOUND IN TIME FOR PASSOVER. “A discovery like this—ancient coins bearing the words ‘Freedom’ and ‘Redemption’—found right before the Jewish Festival of Freedom—Passover—begins is incredibly moving” (Lidar Gravé-Lazi, Jerusalem Post). The coins were excavated with pottery in a large cave:
[Dr. Eilat] Mazar explained that there is a significant difference among the bronze coins, as in the first year when the rebels had hope and faith in their success, the inscription on the coins in ancient Hebrew script read: “For the Freedom of Zion.”

However, during the fourth year and before the destruction of the Temple, the rebels conveyed their despair by inscribing on the coins the inscription LeGeulat Tzion, meaning “For the Redemption of Zion.”

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