Friday, March 23, 2018

Review of The Brill Dictionary of Ancient Greek

BYRN MAYR CLASSICAL REVIEW: Franco Montanari, Madeleine Goh, Chad Schroeder, The Brill Dictionary of Ancient Greek. English Edition edited by Madeleine Goh and Chad Schroeder, under the auspices of the Center for Hellenic Studies, Harvard University. Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2015. Pp. lx, 2431. ISBN 9789004193185. $125.00. Reviewed by Panagiotis Filos, University of Ioannina (>.
In conclusion, the new Brill Greek dictionary is a most welcome addition to the current lexicographic store for Ancient Greek and is set to become a primary resource for the study of Ancient Greek, especially as regards non-literary texts and post-classical authors. It goes without saying, though, that other dictionaries, especially LSJ will continue to be of importance, as far as words of literary origin are concerned in particular.9 In any case, the ultimate gamble is the future of bilingual Ancient Greek dictionaries as a whole in times of growing financial hardship for classical studies: ‘δεῖ δὲ χρημάτων’ obviously needs no dictionary aid to be promptly understood nowadays.

HT Larry Hurtado. Past PaleoJudaica posts (often leading to Hurtado posts) on The Brill Dictionary of Ancient Greek are here and links.

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