Monday, April 02, 2018

60 Minutes interviews Brent Searles

TECHNOLOGY WATCH: 60 Minutes’ to feature UK prof who developed a way to decipher ancient scrolls (KARLA WARD, Lexington Herald Leader).
The idea that a blackened, 2,000-year-old rolled-up papyrus scroll could somehow be unfurled and read today almost seems like a miracle.

It even seems that way to Brent Seales, the University of Kentucky computer science professor who came up with a way of doing it.

On Sunday night, Seales and his work will be featured on an episode of the longrunning CBS news magazine show “60 Minutes.” The show airs at 7 p.m.

The show ran last night. You can read the transcript at the link in the quote above. It's good to see 60 Minutes taking notice of the important work of Professor Seales, on which more here and links. Follow the links there for more on the recovery of the text of the charred Leviticus scroll. For more on his work on the Herculaneum scrolls, see here and links. And for still more on the site of Herculaneum and its carbonized scrolls, see here and here and many links.

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