Saturday, May 26, 2018

A recycled Phoenician ship

PHOENICIAN WATCH: 'Phoenician Ship' made of plastic bottles sails from Byblos to Beirut Port (Lebanese National News Agency).
In his word marking the event, [Mayor of Jbeil Wissam] Zaarour described the initiative as "an environmental symbol because the boat is made of 50,000 plastic bottles aimed at raising awareness about the dangers of this type of waste, in addition to its cultural symbolism by embodying the Phoenician vessels that were used for trade and export of Lebanese Cedar wood through the Jbeil coast."
Regular readers will be reminded of two other reconstructed Phoenician ships, the Good Ship Phoenicia and the Good Ship Ma’agan Michael II. And there was brief mention of a third one here. But this one has its own special charm.

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