Friday, May 11, 2018

Schiffman on the Hezekiah and Isaiah bullae

The ongoing excavations of Jerusalem never seem to stop yielding amazing treasures that bring to life the Bible and the history of the Jewish people in its holiest of cities. This latest discovery comes on the heels of the disgraceful UNESCO resolution that by implication seeks to deny the historic relationship of the city to the Jews and their history.

The recent discovery of what may be the personal seal impression of Isaiah the Prophet, coming soon after the discovery close by of the seal impression of Hezekiah the King, serves as a welcome affirmation of the Jewish connection to Jerusalem, something we thought would have been self-evident to Jews, Christians, and even Muslims.
Follow the link for the rest of this article reprinted from the Jewish Tribune.

For more on the Hezekiah and Isaiah bullae, see here and links. I am still skeptical that the Isaiah on the bulla was the prophet. But the connection Prof. Schiffman mentions remains self-evident either way.

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