Sunday, June 03, 2018

On Kuntillet ‘Ajrud and YHWH's Asherah

BIBLE HISTORY DAILY: Puzzling Finds from Kuntillet ‘Ajrud. A drawing of God labeled “Yahweh and his Asherah” or the Egyptian god Bes? Regular readers will be well familiar with the remarkable finds from this site, but this brief essay gives a convenient summary and it has links to other essays that fill that out.

The final report mentioned in the essay was published in 2012:
Meshel, Ze'ev, Kuntillet Ajrud (Horvat Teman): An Iron Age II Religious Site on the Judah-Sinai Border, ed. Liora Freud (Jerusalem, Israel Exploration Society, 2012).
Past PaleoJudaica posts on Kuntillet ‘Ajrud (Kuntillet Ajrud) and its finds are collected here.

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