Monday, July 09, 2018

Artichokes and ancient Judaism

THE SEPHORIM BLOG: The Not-So-Humble Artichoke in Ancient Jewish Sources.
The Not-So-Humble Artichoke in Ancient Jewish Sources
Susan Weingarten
Susan Weingarten is an archaeologist and food historian living in Jerusalem. This is an adapted extract from her paper 'The Rabbi and the Emperors: Artichokes and Cucumbers as Symbols of Status in Talmudic Literature,' in When West met East: the Encounter of Greece and Rome with the Jews, Egyptians and Others: Studies presented to Ranon Katzoff on his 75th Birthday. Edited by D. Schaps, U. Yiftach and D. Dueck. (Trieste, 2016).
The earlier Sephorim post, on a recent ruling on artichokes by the Israeli Chief Rabbinate, is here: The Humble Artichoke.

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