Thursday, July 26, 2018

Boulder removed from Temple Mount platform

TEMPLE MOUNT WATCH: Western Wall stone that fell near worshiper removed with crane. Officials mulling what to do with fallen 100 kg masonry due to its sacred status, considering reinserting it (Stuart Winer and TOI Staff, Times of Israel).
Officials blocked public access to the prayer platform, but is was later reopened.

Checks are still underway to find out why the block suddenly fell from its place. The Israel Antiques Authority is of the opinion that the stone’s fall was due to natural causes. Teams of experts are planning to use ultrasound and other means to further investigate the incident.

Amit Ram, an archaeologist from the Jerusalem division of the IAA, assessed that water seepage, roots from bushes or trees on the other side of the wall, or just the result of bearing the weight for so long may have caused the stone to dislodge.
I think the first quoted sentence is saying that the site has reopened (read "it" for "is"). But the article seems to imply later on that the mixed-prayer area is not yet reopened. Can anyone confirm what is happening?

Background here and here.

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