Thursday, November 01, 2018

Report on Bethsaida/et-Tell excavation 2018

Bethsaida Excavation Project: Season 2018

By Rami Arav
University of Nebraska
October 2018

During 2018 we conducted a two week season of excavations at Bethsaida. The purpose of this season of excavations was to obtain more data on both the Stratum VI city gate (11th – 10th centuries BCE) and about the Roman temple at the peak of the mound.

Regular PaleoJudaica readers, you will recall that there are two contending sites for ancient Bethsaida. The two excavation teams both refer confidently to their site as "Bethsaida." This can make for some confusion.

The report linked to above is on the site of et-Tell (e-Tell) but it only uses the name Bethsaida. More on the et-Tell excavation is here and links.

The other contender is el-Araj, on which more here and, again, follow that trail of links.

I am not an archaeologist and I take no position on who is right.

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