Thursday, January 24, 2019

(P)review of "The Golem"

GOLEM WATCH: The Golem. According to various online sources, the golem grew from ancient Jewish myths, the most common involving a 16th century rabbi who created it to protect Jews from anti-Semites (Bruce Kahn, Atlanta Jewish Times/Times of Israel).
This latest incarnation of the golem legend, filmed in English, is directed by Israel’s Paz brothers. Their extraordinary tale of good versus evil begs to be seen on a big screen. Beautifully filmed on location in Eastern Europe, the film has scary moments, but the focus on character and plot make it much more than a typical horror film.
The film is to be released next month. It is by the directors of JeruZalem.

Rotten Tomatoes, which gives it a "100% Want To See" rating, has trailers and some other pre-reviews. It looks promising.

Cross-file under Cinema. For many earlier posts on past and present manifestations of the Golem legend, start here and follow the links.

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