Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Schmidt Gedenkschrift on Indo-Iranian studies

BIBLIOGRAPHIA IRANICA: Hanns-Peter Schmidt (1930-2017) Gedenkschrift.
The 6th volume of DABIR is a Gedenkschrift to honour Hanns-Peter Schmidt (1930-2017), an excellent German scholar of Indo-Iranian studies, who mainly worked on the Vedas and the Gāθās, as well as Indian mythology and the Zoroastrian religion.
When I was an undergraduate at UCLA I took two courses from Professor Schmidt: one on ancient Iranian culture and one on ancient Iranian religion. There were two or three of us in each course. But the material was fascinating and I still have the notes from those classes.

Professor Schmidt wrote his lecture notes out in longhand. I remember he once commented that he used yellow legal-pad paper so that students couldn't tell how old the pages were.

Requiescat in pace.

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