Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Two Shivta-related exhibitions in Haifa

LONG-DELAYED RECOGNITION: HECHT MUSEUM IN HAIFA TO OPEN TWO NEW ARCHAEOLOGY EXHIBITS. Among the findings include a newly discovered lamp wick that was released to the public in December (Rachel Bernstein, Jerusalem Post).
Two new exhibits will open at the Hecht Museum in Haifa on January 24 featuring findings from a US archaeological expedition in the 1930s.

The H.D. Colt expedition to Shivta, a Byzantine-era town in the Negev highlands, uncovered a massive assortment of treasures. But due to the limited technology at the time, not all of the material could be sorted through and analyzed until recently.

For the ancient lamp wick, found by this expedition but only recently noticed, see here.
A second exhibit of photography by Dror Maayan will also premiere then and will focus on the Negev travels of historic explorers E.H. Palmer and Charles Drake.

Palmer was enlisted in 1869 to join the survey of Sinai, undertaken by the Palestine Exploration Fund, and followed up his work the following year by exploring the desert of El-Tih with Drake. They completed their journey on foot and without escort, making friends among the local Bedouin.
For the late-antique etching of Jesus' baptism (with Jesus' face depicted), see here and links. And follow the links from there for more discoveries at Shivta.

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