Wednesday, February 20, 2019

On Judith

BIBLE HISTORY DAILY has a two-part series on Judith by Robin Gallaher Branch. It was originally published in 2012, but I missed it then.

Judith: A Remarkable Heroine. The first half of a two-part Bible History Daily presentation of Judith.

Judith: A Remarkable Heroine, Part 2. The second half of Robin Gallaher Branch's two-part Bible History Daily presentation of Judith.
The Book of Judith’s truly remarkable heroine, Judith, introduced as a devout, shapely, beautiful and wealthy widow (Judith 8:4, 7), exhibits characteristics showing her the equal of Israel’s finest warriors. Indeed her beheading of Holofernes, the invading Assyrian general—in his own tent, with his own sword, and surrounded by his own heretofore victorious army, no less!—marks her as a political savior in Israel on a par with David.
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