Thursday, April 11, 2019

The Karaites and the cable car, continued

KARAITE-AND-CABLE-CAR-CONFLICT WATCH: Jerusalem Is Finally United - in Opposition to This Plan. The Karaite Jewish sect, Palestinians, tour guides and renowned archaeologists and architects have filed complaints about what they see as an offensive, intrusive project linking East and West Jerusalem (Nir Hasson, Haaretz premium).
Aaron Yefet, a member of a Karaite family, died in 2014 and is buried in the community's ancient cemetery in the Hinnom Valley, abutting the Old City walls. His widow and children submitted a formal reservation last week to the cable car plan.

“It is most aggravating to see that the attitude of the authorities to the Karaites and their cemetery has been one of total disregard – not to mention the contempt and serious, shameful and outrageous offense done to the deceased and their families,” stated the complaint, which was submitted by attorney Eitan Peleg on the family’s behalf.

The protest by the Yefets and by others in their community was spurred by the discovery that the project's planners were aware of the cemetery and had even intended to build a roof over it to serve as a barrier so that kohanim – members of the Jewish priestly class, who are not permitted to enter cemeteries due to the fear of ritual impurity – would be able to use the cable car.
To be fair, the Jerusalem Development Authority tells the story somewhat differently. Read the whole article for details.

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