Friday, June 21, 2019

Magical amulets among the Dead Sea Scrolls?

DECIPHERED DEAD SEA SCROLLS POSE QUESTIONS FOR HISTORIANS. Deciphered by Prof. Ariel and Faina Feldman, the segments written in semi-cursive script, folded and were encased in small leather remnants (ALEX WINSTON, Jerusalem Post).
However, unlike tefillin, which contain parchments quoting the Book of Exodus or Deuteronomy, the previously undechipered writing was found found to be prayers and the names of angels, components which are consistent with Jewish amulets, which whilst using holy words, did not directly quote from the Bible.
This is intriguing and could be very important. It would be the first evidence for the existence of Jewish magical amulets in the Second Temple period.

I have not yet had a chance to look up the two peer-reviewed articles mentioned at the end of this article. But I look forward to reading them.

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