Monday, November 04, 2019

Tim Bulkeley, R.I.P.

SAD NEWS: I learn from Jim West that Old Testament scholar Dr. Tim Bulkeley has passed away. I have no further information at the moment.

Tim was based in New Zealand. I can't recall ever meeting him in person, but I got to know him a bit in the early years of blogging. His Sansblogue was one of the earliest "biblioblogs," one of the seven that were founded within a year of PaleoJudaica. (For more on the early history of biblioblogging, see my 2010 SBL paper, What Just Happened.) The opening post of Sansblogue was on 31 January 2004 and the most recent one on 17 August of this year. That makes it one of the longest continuously running biblioblogs.

I am sorry to hear that Tim is gone. All sympathy to his family and friends. Requiescat in pace.

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