Friday, January 10, 2020

A Judeo-Christian (?) bilingual exorcism in PGM IV

THE COPTIC MAGICAL PAPYRI BLOG: Old Coptic Magical Texts IV: The Bilingual Exorcism of PGM IV.
This post is the fourth in a mini-series about bilingual recipes in Egyptian and Greek from the 3rd/4th century papyrus codex PGM IV (Greek Magical Papyrus 4) – the “Bilingual Exorcism” (PGM IV. 1227-1264). This practice is written upon pages 28 and 29 of the codex and departs considerably from the other practices in this mini-series because it seems to derive from a Judaeo-Christian, rather than Pharaonic or Graeco-Egyptian, cultural context. ...
Ritual magic tends to be theologically eclectic. For the magician, whatever works, works.

I wrote this post up some time ago, but evidently I forgot to post it. Fortunately, the topic is not time sensitive. Here it is now.

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