Friday, January 24, 2020

Daniel and the king's food

READING ACTS: Daniel 1:8-16 – What was Wrong with the King’s Food? (Phil Long).

Phil mentions several possibilities. Here is another.

Later in the book, Daniel's ritual preparations for invoking angelic revelations include dietary restrictions. See 9:3 and 10:3. Chapter one emphasizes that Daniel only ate vegetables and drank water. Verse 17 specifies that his abilities included understanding visions and dreams. Is his diet meant to be a relevant factor? Maybe.

As a side note: 10:3 says that Daniel went for "three whole weeks" without eating delicacies or meat or drinking wine.

Wait, what?

That implies he normally ate and drank those things. I thought he only ate vegetables and drank water. Did Daniel's king's-food-free diet go the way of all diets?

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