Thursday, January 30, 2020

More on the Sappho fragments

AT VARIANT READINGS, Brent Nongbri has new information about the Sappho fragments and evidence for when and from where they were recovered:

Important Developments with the New Sappho Papyrus

Contextualizing the New Sappho Information

The question of the origin of the Sappho fragments is being tied at least indirectly to the Oxyrhynchus papyri scandal. THe scandal involves the disappearance of more than a hundred fragmentary papyri from the Oxyrhynchus collection of the Egyptian Exploration Society at Oxford University. For a recent overview of this increasingly convoluted story, see this post, especially the Guardian article linked to therein. There are lots of other links in that post and you can just keep following them back and back. Since then, there has been one more relevant post here.

I leave you to make up your mind about the detective work of Chalotte Higgins, Brent Nongbri, and their contacts, and what it all means in regard to the missing papyri. I blog and link. You decide.

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