Friday, February 21, 2020

ANE beers meet certified standards

RESURRECTING ANCIENT BEER: Beer in Israel, old and new. “This is the first time we succeeded in producing ancient alcohol from ancient yeast. In other words, from the original substances from which alcohol was produced. This has never been done before” (DOUG GREENER, Jerusalem Post).
At that event [at the Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem], [Dr. Michael] Klutstein revealed that his laboratory, along with Hebrew University’s Yissum Research Development Co., plan to bring three of these ancient beverages to the commercial market: The Egyptian beer (tentatively to be called “Narmer,” the first pharaoh), the Philistine beer (“Goliath”) and the Persian mead (“Ishtar”). Yissum is now seeking investors for this project.
The beers have been approved by "a panel of certified Israeli beer judges."

I noted the original story of the resurrected beers here. This effort is not the first. Follow the links from there for others. A tangentially related post is here. Cross-file under Technology Watch.

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