Friday, February 28, 2020

BAR Spring 2020

BIBLE HISTORY DAILY has some posts on the just-released current issue of Biblical Archaeology Review (background here):

First Person: Where Is the Real Biblical Bethsaida? (Robert R. Cargill)

Excavating El-Araj—a Candidate for Biblical Bethsaida (Megan Sauter)
For some time I have been following the archaeological debate over whether et-Tell or el-Araj is the site of biblical Bethsaida. For past posts on the question, start here and follow the links.

The IAA’s Pnina Shor Retires.
An interview with BAR editor Robert Cargill. Some PaleoJudaica posts on Pnina Shor's work are here, here, and here. I wish her a happy retirement.

More Queries & Comments, Spring 2020. Readers respond to their favorite Biblical Archaeology Review articles

Spring 2020 Caption Contest

January/February 2020 Cartoon Caption Winners

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