Monday, April 13, 2020

Ben Ezra Synagogue in VR

CAIRO GENIZA WATCH: Ben Ezra synagogue is today’s virtual tour by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities (Ahram Online).

With a breathtaking lack of common sense, this article neglects to give a link to the announced virtual tour. It took me some searching to find it on the Facebook site of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities (scroll down on the timeline to 7 April). The tour seems to be posted on the website of the American Research Center in Egypt, although it displays no obvious link.

But fear not! You can access the virtual tour of the Ben Ezra Synagogue here.

Enjoy this and the many other online virtual tours while you stay home and stay safe.

The Ben Ezra Synagogue in Cairo is famous for its "Cairo Geniza," a repository of a thousand year's worth of worn Jewish manuscripts. The Geniza manuscript fragments are a precious primary source for Jewish history. They are as important for a later period as the Dead Sea Scrolls are for Second Temple Judaism.

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