Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Lost NTA/OTP manuscript found!

RELIGION PROF: Missing Gospel Found! (Missing Ending Still Missing). James McGrath is excited about the rediscovery of the lost Akhmim Fragment. So am I.

It appears that I once knew that the manuscript had been misplaced, but I had forgotten. (I find that PaleoJudaica is the archive for a good part of my memory.)

The manuscript contains a substantial fragment of the otherwise lost Gospel of Peter, which is important. It also contains a substantial fragment of the Greek version (translated from Aramaic) of 1 Enoch, which is even more exciting to me. The full text of 1 Enoch survives only in a translation in Ethiopic Ge'ez. Some of of the Aramaic original survives among the Dead Sea Scrolls. A fair amount of the Greek translation is preserved, mainly in this manuscript and in Chester Beatty Papyrus XII.

For more on Akhmim manuscript (P.Cairo 10759) and its contents, see here. Cross-file under Old Testament Pseudepigrapha Watch and New Testament Apocrypha Watch.

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