Monday, May 25, 2020

More on the flooding of el-Araj

ARCHAEOLOGY UNDERWATER: Village Where Jesus’ Disciples May Have Lived Flooded by Rising Sea of Galilee. The putative Church of the Apostles is now in a lagoon peopled by catfish but the ruins where Jesus’ disciples may have lived haven’t been damaged, reassures archaeologist Motti Aviam (Ruth Schuster, Haaretz). HT the Bible and Interpretation.

Blogger Carl Rasmussen broke this story broke this story back in mid-May. I noted his post a week ago. But now the media is catching up. This article has some additional information on the situation and is worth reading.

As PaleoJudaica's regular readers already know, this site — el-Araj — is one possible location for the ancient city of Bethsaida. The other is et-Tell. For past posts on both, see my link in the previous paragraph.

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