Monday, May 11, 2020

Report: destruction at Tel Aroma

THIS SOUNDS BAD: Palestinian Authority paves over Hasmonean fortress, destroying remains of ancient wall. After declaring ancient Hasmonean fortress a 'Palestinian Heritage Site', PA paves over the fortress, destroying remains of wall, cisterns (Arutz Sheva).

The name of the site is Tel Aroma/Tel Aruma.

As usual with such things, I am not there and have only some media reports to go on. The information seems to come from the "Preserving the Eternal" (Shomrim Al Hanetzach) Project (on which more here and links) and the Shomron Regional Council.

There is video footage of the site in this article and here. I am not qualified to evaluate it, but perhaps some readers are.

There is another article here, but it adds no additional information. This is all I have been able to find on the story.

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