Friday, June 05, 2020

Ancient Moab

Ancient Moab: from the Ninth to First Centuries BCE

A number of groups constituted ancient Moab. They were most likely descendants, at least in part, of the Shûtu/Sutu and/or Shasu. The former appear in the Amarna Letters, dated to the 14th century BCE, as “lawless” and “plotting rebellion.”

See Also: History of Ancient Moab from the Ninth to First Centuries BCE (SBL Press, 2020).

By Burton MacDonald
Professor Emeritus
Department of Religious Studies
St. Francis Xavier University
June 2020
For more on the on the Mesha Inscription (Mesha Stele, Moabite Stone), see here and links. For more on ancient Moab, see here.

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UPDATE: This book has been withdrawn by SBL Press.

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