Thursday, August 27, 2020

Davila's "AI Jesus?"

TECHNOLOGY WATCH? Engineer creates 'AI Jesus' by feeding a natural language processing system the King James Bible that produces interesting and terrifying scripture (Stacy Liberatore, Daily Mail).
  • Engineered programmed AI by feeding it the entire King James Bible
  • The system, dubbed 'AI Jesus,' has produced 30,000 words as of yet
  • The AI wrote about three topics: 'the plague,' Caesar' and 'the end of days'
  • Although much of the text resembles that of the bible there are many glitches
Some of the oracles sound bizarre, but not too bad. Others are just bizarre. On "the end of days":
And the AI gave its own take on the topic.

‘And he that was dead, the servant of the LORD came unto me, saying, Son of man, speak unto you all that dwell in the wilderness and they shall be saved by the border of the LORD and his priests and his sons, and on the seven lambs, and of the seven places of the beast, and the other on the sabbath days.

But again, throughout the text a number of glitches appear such as:‘And when he was come into the house of God, which said unto the chief captain, and the gates of the brook, and the priests, and the fat that was made priest, and there was given him a wife, and his work was cast into the sea.’

Why, you ask, is PaleoJudaica devoting a post to this nonsense? Because the name of the engineer caught my attention. The article names him as "George Durendal."

Alert readers will notice that the surname is the name of Count Roland's sword in the Crusader-era chansons de geste. It may be a surname too. I don't know.

But at the bottom of the article the link gives the name "George Davila." That is the name used on the project's GitHub website. His profile link gives all three names. Perhaps Durendal is a pen name. I don't know.

As far as I know, the author is no relation. But I couldn't resist reading about his computer-generated revelations. Now you can too.

Mr. Davila Durendal's project is entertaining. And some of the other apocryphal scriptures, and even some biblical passages, are nearly as incoherent. But I think the Bible is safe from competition from AI scriptures for now.

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