Friday, August 14, 2020

Incense-route milestones

ANCIENT ROAD SIGNS: Inscriptions, milestones shed light on ‘lost’ part of Negev trade route. The previously unknown section of the Incense Route was unearthed in 2018 west of the eastern range of Mount Grafon (Rossella Tercatin, Jerusalem Post). This article summarizes a specialist article in the Palestine Exploration Quarterly.

In 2018 I noted the discovery of that missing part of the Negev incense route. And here a post on ancient Roman milestones. Cross-file under Material Culture.

By the way, let me pause for a word of praise for Rossella Tercatin. I first encountered her work in 2016 in the Times of Israel. Early in 2020 she began publishing high-quality articles on the archaeology of Israel in the Jerusalem Post. She has produced dozens of them this year. I appreciate her work.

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