Friday, August 07, 2020

Moodle Midrash and Pandemic Pedagogy

ANCIENT JEW REVIEW: Moodle Midrash (Daniel Picus).
A few weeks before the class was slated to begin in late March, my institution went entirely remote. This turned my class on its head, and while there’s no need for yet another narrative of how exactly I attempted to transform my class, the remote format and slightly broader scope did combine in order to produce a particularly effective pedagogical activity: the Moodle Midrash.
Pandemic Pedagogy: Pamphlet Final Projects and Laughter (Matthew Chalmers).
Teaching during global pandemic means improvisation. This short article shares my experience of an improvised assignment that worked, how it worked, and what good came out of it: museum-style pamphlets. Take it if you like, adapt it as you will, and let me know what works better when you do.
I am going full online teaching with my classes next year too. I appreciate these essays and others like them, which give out-of-the box ideas for how to proceed.

If we have to do everything differently, we may as well be creative about it.

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