Thursday, September 24, 2020

Monotheism and Christology in Greco-Roman Antiquity (ed. Novenson)

Monotheism and Christology in Greco-Roman Antiquity

Series: Novum Testamentum, Supplements, Volume: 180
Editor: Matthew V. Novenson

In Monotheism and Christology in Greco-Roman Antiquity, Matthew V. Novenson brings together thirteen state-of-the-art essays by leading scholars on the various ways ancient Jewish, Christian, and classical writers conceive of God, Christ, Wisdom, the demiurge, angels, foreign gods, and other divine beings. In particular, the book revisits the “early high Christology” debates of the 1990s, identifying the lasting contributions thereof as well as the lingering difficulties and new, emerging questions from the last thirty years of research. The essays in this book probe the much-touted but under-theorized distinctions between monotheism and polytheism, Judaism and Hellenism, Christianity and paganism. They show how what we call monotheism and Christology fit within the Greco-Roman world of which they are part.

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ISBN: 978-90-04-43808-8
Publication Date: 25 Aug 2020
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Publication Date: 20 Aug 2020
Back in 1999 I co-edited a volume on much the same theme: The Jewish Roots of Christological Monotheism: Papers from the St Andrews Conference on the Historical Origins of the Worship of Jesus (ed. Davila, Newman, Lewis. Brill). It was reprinted by Baylor University Press in 2017.

Many of the same contributors have essays in Professor Novenson's book. If you want to find out what's been happening in the subsequent couple of decades, it looks like the place to go.

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