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Holmstedt, Linguistic Studies on Biblical Hebrew (Brill)

Linguistic Studies on Biblical Hebrew

Series: Studies in Semitic Languages and Linguistics, Volume: 102

Volume Editor: Robert D. Holmstedt

This volume presents the research insights of twelve new studies by fourteen linguists examining a range of Biblical Hebrew grammatical phenomena. The contributions proceed from the second international workshop of the Biblical Hebrew Linguistics and Philology network (, initiated in 2017 to bring together theoretical linguists and Hebraists in order to reinvigorate the study of Biblical Hebrew grammar. Recent linguistic theory is applied to the study of the ancient language, and results in innovative insight into pausal forms, prosodic dependency, ordinal numeral syntax, ellipsis, the infinitive system, light verbs, secondary predicates, verbal semantics of the Hiphil binyan, and hybrid constructions.

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E-Book (PDF)
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ISBN: 978-90-04-44885-8
Publication Date: 08 Mar 2021

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ISBN: 978-90-04-44884-1
Publication Date: 11 Mar 2021

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