Monday, April 05, 2021

BHD Easter Posts

BIBLE HISTORY DAILY has posted several Easter-season posts over the weekend. Not surprisingly, they also deal a lot with first-century Judaism.

Did Jesus’ Last Supper Take Place Above the Tomb of David? Understanding the Cenacle on Mount Zion (Marek DospÄ›l)

How Was Jesus’ Tomb Sealed? Examining the tomb of Jesus in light of Second Temple-period Jerusalem tombs (Megan Sauter). For more on the Cenacle, see here.

On What Day Did Jesus Rise? The May/June 2016 Biblical Archaeology Review Biblical Views column (Ben Witherington III)

Where Is Golgotha, Where Jesus Was Crucified? Does the Church of the Redeemer hold the answer?

I have noted some related BHD essays here.

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