Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Carbon-dating the Dead Sea Scrolls

TECHNOLOGY WATCH: How old are the Dead Sea Scrolls? Carbon-dating project to offer answers. The project and some preliminary results were presented at a conference at the university last week: while in many instances, some scrolls might be more ancient than previously thought (Rossella Tercatin). Project leader Prof. Mladen Popović:
“Our paleographers will say that they can date Dead Sea Scrolls with a precision of 25 to 50 years’ date range, and [the research] is yet to substantiate their model,” he said. “Pending new data in the future, we dare say that we have a model that works consistently and is able to date manuscripts with an empirically based precision that was not possible before. This is a huge advance for the field.”
That is phrased carefully, but does it impy that carbon dating can (or soon may be able to) yield dates more precise than ±25-50 years from two thousand years ago? If so, that sounds like an important advance.

Back in the early 90s, after the first round of C-14 dating of the Scrolls, I mentioned to Frank Cross that the results seemed to confirm the paleographic dates. He answered that he thought that the paleography confirmed the carbon dating.

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