Sunday, May 02, 2021

Online Enoch Seminar on Apocalypticism (23-27 May, 2021)

11th Enoch Seminar Meeting – Apocalypticism: History, Method, and Reception

Online – 23-27 May, 2021

Chairs: Loren Stuckenbruck, Kelley Coblentz Bautch, Gabriele Boccaccini

Secretary: Joshua Scott

To mark the 200th anniversary of the first “full” English translation of the “book of Enoch” by Richard Laurence (1821), the 20th anniversary of the Enoch Seminar, the LMU Munich Congress on Apocalypticism in Antiquity has assembled 120 scholars and colleagues from around the world to address a much debated question that remains relevant for today. Since the famous 1979 Uppsala Congress on Apocalypticism in the Mediterranean World and the Near East (ed. David Hellholm; Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 1983) and the publication of the Semeia volume 14 entitled Apocalypse: The Morphology of a Genre (ed. John J. Collins; Missoula: Society of Biblical Literature, 1979), the scholarly world has undergone significant shifts in methods of approach, access to sources, and widening participation. These changes now offer the opportunity to assess whether terms such as “apocalyptic,” “apocalypticism,” and “apocalypse” can be meaningfully applied to multiple ideologies and writings preserved through sources from the ancient world. The lectures, presentations, and responses each fall into one or more of the following seven areas (with the number of talks, including responses, within each in parentheses):

(1) Apocalypses, Method, and Reception (21)
(2) Apocalypses in the Ancient Mediterranean Context (9)
(3) Hebrew Bible and Near Eastern Context (9)
(4) Second Temple Judaism and Christian Origins (25)
(5) Christianity in Late Antiquity (17)
(6) Judaism in Late Antiquity (9)
(7) Islam in Late Antiquity (9)

In addition, in several panel sessions, both junior and senior scholars shall reflect on the legacies left by past scholarship, discuss recent developments, and suggest paths that may be taken by future research.


The Enoch Seminar is proud to host this unprecedented event and welcomes the interested public to seven keynote lectures, while inviting registering academics to join the conversations opened up in the conference sessions.

Follow the link above for the (very) full conference program. The registration link is here. The event is free, but the organizers encourage a $20 donation.

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