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Teigen, A Manichaean Church at Kellis (Brill, open access)

A Manichaean Church at Kellis

Series: Nag Hammadi and Manichaean Studies, Volume: 100

Author: Håkon Fiane Teigen

This volume offers a comprehensive account of a Manichaean community in fourth-century Roman Egypt. The study analyses papyrological material from Kellis, a village in Egypt’s Dakhleh Oasis, and their implications for Manichaeism as a socio-religious movement.

Drawing on social network theory and engaging with current trends in the study of lived ancient religion, Teigen explores how lay families at Kellis cohered as a religious community. Whereas recent scholarship has seen the laity here as largely detached from distinctively Manichaean traditions, he argues that the papyri in fac reveal a community immersed in Manichaean ideas and practices. The book thereby shows how new religious identities were deeply entangled in everyday social life in late antiquity.

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Cross-file under Manichean Watch (Manichaean Watch) and Coptic Watch. I noted a book on the documentary texts from Kellis here and a PhD dissertation on the the Manichaeans of Kellis here.

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