Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Toher, Nicolaus of Damascus (CUP)

Nicolaus of Damascus: The Life of Augustus and The Autobiography

Edited with Introduction, Translations and Historical Commentary>

REAL AUTHOR: Nicolaus of Damascus
EDITOR AND TRANSLATOR: Mark Toher, Union College, New York
FORMAT: Paperback
ISBN: 9781107428324

£ 39.99


Nicolaus of Damascus, the chief minister of Herod the Great, was an exact contemporary of the first Roman emperor Augustus; he spent considerable time in Roman society and knew Augustus. The extensive remains of his Bios Kaisaros contain the earliest and most detailed account of the conspiracy against Julius Caesar and his assassination. The Bios also presents the most extensive account of the boyhood and early development of Augustus. This edition presents the Greek text and translation of the Bios and Nicolaus' autobiography, along with a historical and historiographical commentary. The Introduction situates the text in relation to the considerable evidence for the life and career of Nicolaus preserved in the works of Josephus, addresses the problem of its date of composition, analyses the language and narrative technique of Nicolaus and discusses the Bios in relation to the evidence for Greek biographical encomium.

  • The first critical text of the Life of Augustus in almost a century, based on a re-examination of the manuscript tradition and providing a full apparatus criticus
  • Provides an edition and translation of the fragments of the author's autobiography, which is virtually unavailable in English
  • The introduction and commentary provide an historiographical analysis of the text that is crucial to understanding its value as an historical document
This book was pubished in Hardback in 2016, but I didn't note it then and it is worth noting. For more on Nicolaus of Damascus, see here and here.

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