Wednesday, September 01, 2021

More relics of the Carthaginian defeat at the Aegates

PUNIC WATCH: Discovery of four ancient 450lb battering rams shed new light on how Rome took command of the Mediterranean 2,000 years ago by smashing through Carthage's ships (Ian Randall, Daily Mail).
  • The ancient artefacts were recovered from the waters to the east of Sicily
  • The rams would have been used in the Battle of the Aegates in March 241 BC
  • Roman vessels surprised and outmanoeuvred the cargo-laden Carthaginian fleet
  • They sunk 50 enemy vessels and captured 70 more, ending the First Punic War
  • Following this, Carthage sued for peace and surrendered Sicily to the Romans
For more on the underwater archaeology of the Battle of the Aegates, with my own commentary, see here.

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