Saturday, October 09, 2021

Review of Hannestad, Nicator Seleucus I and his empire

BRYN MAYR CLASSICAL REVIEW: Nicator Seleucus I and his empire.
Lise Hannestad, Nicator Seleucus I and his empire. Aarhus: Aarhus University Press, 2020. Pp. 181. ISBN 9788772191737 249,95 Kr.

Review by
Branko van Oppen, Tampa Museum of Art.

While acknowledging throughout that sources for Seleucus are scarce, Hannestad presents her interpretations with surprising certainty. The point is not so much that this reviewer disagrees with her interpretations, but that historians ought to differentiate established facts from their own understanding – if only for the sake of the general reader.
King Seleucus I Nicator is mentioned in the Bible in Daniel 11:5 as one of the princes of the king of the south. For more on him and on his son Antiochus I Soter and on Seleucus's second wife, Queen Stratonice, who also married Antiochus, see here and links.

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