Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Seven sites in Israel

EXCAVATIONS: 7 Lesser-known Archaeology Sites in Israel. Archaeological sites in Israel you may not be aware of: An Assyrian stronghold in Tel Aviv port, the city that may or may not have been biblical Ziklag, where the Edomite gods met our Maker and more (Andrew Califf, Haaretz).
Israel is a small country that has been trodden for more than 2 million years by humans and their predecessors. This land of clashes between human species and in more modern times, between religions, is the archaeologist’s dream but not all sites are equal, or equally accessible to visitors. Here are seven of some lesser-known sites in Israel, listed from north to south.


For more on Ein Keshatot (Umm el-Kanatir, Keshatot Rechavam) and its ancient synagogue, see here and links. For more on Shivta, see here and links (cf. here). For more on the vicinity of Ein Hatzeva, see here.

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