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Ben-Dov & Rojas (eds.), Afterlives of Ancient Rock-cut Monuments in the Near East (Brill)

Afterlives of Ancient Rock-cut Monuments in the Near East

Carvings in and out of Time

Series: Culture and History of the Ancient Near East, Volume: 123

Editors: Jonathan Ben-Dov and Felipe Rojas

This book concerns the ancient rock-cut monuments carved throughout the Near East, paying particular attention to the fate of these monuments in the centuries after their initial production. As parts of the landscapes in which they were carved, they acquired new meanings in the cultural memory of the people living around them. The volume joins numerous recent studies on the reception of historical texts and artefacts, exploring the peculiar affordances of these long-lasting and often salient monuments. The volume gathers articles by archeologists, art historians, and philologists, covering the entire Near East, from Iran to Lebanon and from Turkey to Egypt. It also analyzes long-lasting textual traditions that aim to explain the origins and meaning of rock-cut monuments and other related carvings.

Copyright Year: 2021

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ISBN: 978-90-04-46208-3
Publication Date: 27 Sep 2021

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Publication Date: 23 Sep 2021

HT Bibliographia Iranica.

The final three essays of this volume are of particular interest to PaleoJudaica:

Chapter 9 Neo-Babylonian Rock Reliefs and the Jewish Literary Imagination
Author: Jonathan Ben-Dov
Pages: 345–37

Chapter 10 Translatio studii: Stelae Traditions in Second Temple Judaism and Their Legacy in Byzantium
Author: William Adler
Pages: 380–401

Chapter 11 The Long History of an Imaginary Inscription: Josephus’ Two Pillars in Early Modern European Histories of Astronomy
Author: John Steele
Pages: 402–426

For more from Jonathan ben Dov on this subject, see here and here.

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