Thursday, December 09, 2021

Crucified man excavated in Cambridgeshire

OSTEOLOGY: Best physical evidence of Roman crucifixion found in Cambridgeshire Near 1,900-year-old skeleton discovered with nail through heel bone during excavation in Fenstanton (Jamie Grierson, The Guardian). HT Dr. Michael Lyons.

The skeleton of Yehohanan ben Hagko also had a crucifixion nail driven through the heel bone. Another skeleton excavated in Jerusalem in 1970 has been flagged as possibly crucified, but the most recent analysis I know of indicates not. Another apparently crucified skeleton was excavated in Italy. For more on all three, plus additional posts on crucifixion, see here and follow the links.

In addition, there are two ancient nails that may have been used in crucifixions.

UPDATE (10 December): More here.

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