Wednesday, February 23, 2022

A "docu-series" on the biblical giants and the nephilim

TELEVISION: Evidence of ‘biblical giants’ found in northern Israe.l New docu-series to present rare, researched look at the Nephilim (ADAM ELIYAHU BERKOWITZ, Jerusalem Post).

The article evidences no scholarly or academic connections to this documentary series. The series looks to be pretty well informed on ancient legends about the nephilim and the giants, notably Og. Apparently it tries to connect Og to a cool fourth-millennium BCE archaeological site.

I suppose it is plausible that the biblical legends about the giants, including Og and his iron bed, were influenced by the local already-ancient ruins of megascale architecture. Whether the site of Gilgal Refaim was among them I don't know.

I'm not expecting to see the notions presented in the series in any peer-review publications. But it might be fun to watch as a modern continuation of the midrashic legends about the giants.

If, that is, they find a distributor.

For PaleoJudaica posts on the Nephilim, start here and follow the links. For posts on Og the giant, see here and links. Oddly, the article makes no mention of the ancient Book of Giants. There are also many other posts on the biblical giants, Goliath, the Rephaim, etc. in the PaleoJudaica archives.

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